Does Your Car Feel Strange?

Why Does My Vehicle Feel Strange?

One of the best ways to tell if your car is functioning properly is to pay attention while you’re driving. If it makes an unusual sound, or if it looks, smells, or feels strange – trust your instincts. You might save yourself a lot of trouble down the line if you have your vehicle inspected now.

Pay attention to the following while you’re driving. If you notice something feeling strange, it could indicate an issue.

Does your steering feel strange?

If you’re having trouble driving straight, or if your vehicle doesn’t always drive in the direction you’re steering, you might have an issue with the steering components.

If your vehicle is pulling to one side or the other, you probably have an issue with your tires or your steering. It could be something simple, like under-inflated tires, or, you could have severe damage to an axle or your whole front end.

Do your brakes feel different?

When using your brakes, do they vibrate? Does braking cause your vehicle to pull to one side or the other? Can you feel (and possibly hear) your brakes grinding when used? Or, does your brake pedal go all the way to the floor when used? These can all signal that you need your brakes repaired or replaced in order to function safely.

Does your ride feel bumpier?

If one side or one corner of your vehicle is riding lower than the rest, you may have worn suspension components, like shocks or struts, or, your tires may simply be unbalanced, under-inflated, or have a leak. First, check your tires, then, try pressing down on one side or one corner of your vehicle. If it bounces twice or more, you may need to repair or replace your suspension system.

Does your engine feel like it’s resisting you?

There are many ways that your engine can feel different than usual. If you feel it resisting when you try to start it, or, if it’s shaking or rough when it’s idling, there could be an issue. You may also notice issues like extremely low gas mileage, poor acceleration, or other strange feelings, it’s important to have your engine inspected.

Does your transmission feel difficult to use?

Generally, when there is an issue with your transmission, it’ll feel difficult to shift, or like your transmission isn’t shifting when it should. Sometimes, you’ll feel that your vehicle isn’t accelerating when you step on the gas – possibly because the transmission hasn’t shifted into the right gear. You might also hear the engine rev without accelerating.