Help! My Heat Won’t Work!

Winter is here for sure now, but temperatures have been steadily dropping for months. If the heat in your car isn’t working, especially if you depend on your vehicle to get you from one place to the next on a daily basis, you have found the right blog! There might be a simple fix – repairing your heat isn’t always a big, costly job.
If your heater is blowing cold air, there are a few things you can check to get started.

1. Check the engine temperature.

If your engine hasn’t warmed up yet, it won’t blow hot air through the heat system! The temperature gauge is usually located on the dashboard, and it lets you know if your engine is cold, overheating, or just right.

2. Check your coolant level.

Sometimes, having a low coolant level in your car leads to failed coolant circulation, which can prevent the heat from getting through your car. Sometimes, checking and filling the coolant can be difficult, so read your manual and don’t attempt it if you aren’t sure – ask a professional.

3. Check for a blockage in the heater core.

Sometimes, debris accumulates in the heater, which prevents coolant from flowing throughout the system. It may be able to be cleared, or, the heater core may need to be replaced, depending on where the blockage is.

4. Is there an electrical problem?

If you can’t hear the fans moving and no air, hot or cold, is flowing into the car when you turn the heat on, the issue may be one with the fan motor or the electrical system. Check for a blown fuse, a lose wire, or a defective power relay. This might be a simple fix if you take it to a professional.

5. Is the fan stuck?

Sometimes if the heat works in some vents and not in others, or if the fans aren’t working, the blades might be stuck! This could be a simple fix if you can see what’s blocking the fan, or, it could be an issue with the radiator.

6. Has your heating system recently been repaired?

If you’ve recently had work done that affected the heat system, the repair technician could have made a mistake. Is there a kink in the heater hose? You should be able to see this, but you may be better off having a professional repair it.