Steering Feel Funny?

Have you Noticed Problems with Steering or Suspension while Driving?

Sometimes, issues with your car are easy to overlook if you’re not paying attention. When it comes to steering and suspension, however, you’ll likely feel and see a difference in your vehicle’s performance when issues arise.

Have you noticed any of the following symptoms while driving?

● Your car seems to pull to one side while you’re driving, but you aren’t moving the steering wheel,
● Your wheels tend to move back and forth quickly, but your steering is smooth,
● When you hit bumps or potholes, even small ones, your car seems to bounce up and down a lot (more than twice),
● You can hear or feel clunking noises when you turn the wheel,
● When you turn the wheel, the tires seem to slip a little, rather than continuously turning,
● It’s hard to steer, especially when you’re not going very fast,
● The car screeches or screams when you turn at low speeds,
● Your steering wheel vibrates, especially when you’re driving at high speeds, or
● The direction of your vehicle doesn’t always follow the steering wheel.

These may not seem like major issues, especially if they don’t affect your driving. But, imagine if they got worse. For example, if your tires are slipping in a different direction than your steering wheel is turning, you’re getting close to losing control of the car. Steering is a huge part of safety!

So, what might these symptoms mean?

There are a lot of things that could be wrong with your steering or suspension, varying from minor, like your tires are under-inflated and hungry for some air, to major, like your suspension system needs to be replaced. Before you run to the repair shop, convinced you have a major repair on your hands, consider the following.

● Your tires might be low – make sure they’re fully inflated according to your manual,
● Your tires may be worn out – check the tread, and replace if necessary,
● Your power steering fluid may be low – keep it filled,

You may need to take your car into the repair shop, but again, it’s not necessarily a serious issue, assuming you haven’t been neglecting symptoms for an extended period of time. Any number of the following could be causing your symptoms:

● Loose or worn power steering belt,
● Worn out shocks or struts,
● Worn ball joints,
● Worn or broken tie rods, steering rack, or steering rack mounts,
● Worn brake pads, rotors, etc.,
● Worn power steering pump, or
● Any number of other issues.

Don’t be afraid to ask Rand’s for help! Describe your symptoms and your technician should be able to inspect the vehicle and diagnose the problem.